Dark Cleo Card and Board Game Zone

We are proud to announce that Dark Cleo Productions will be bringing their board and card games to PLAY Expo Blackpool.

Board and card games have been growing in popularity over the last few years and are a great way to experience your favourite franchises, such as Marvel, Resident Evil, Firefly and Star Wars, in a whole new way!

The Dark Cleo team will be bringing some amazing board games and card games for you to try out. Want to rampage through downtown Tokyo or battle hoards of zombies? How about resisting the empire in your X-Wing or fighting Hydra alongside the Marvel Heroes? Maybe you want to just keep flying with your own Firefly crew?

The Dark Cleo Team will have you covered, bringing the following games and much more to PLAY Expo Blackpool:

Legendary – A Marvel Game
Bioshock Infinite
Star Wars X-Wing
Battlestar Galactica
Resident Evil
Small World
Sheriff of Nottingham

Look out for Dark Cleo on the show floor, take a seat, play a game with friends or the team. Choose a game you know and love or experience a new twist on old classics with our team of friendly demonstrators.

About Dark Cleo Productions:
Dark Cleo Productions run professional demonstration areas, tournaments and Cosplay Masquerades at gaming expositions and conventions across the UK. They also produce Board Games, Card Games, Role Play systems, Video Games and Web Series material, as well as publishing both written and video reviews of existing products and events.